An agile platform for dynamic, inspired people

A few years ago, Rick and Alan were working on another project when they met an artist with amazing talent. Like many such artists, she was frustrated by having to keep her art ‘on the side’. The story resonated. They’d heard it many times before from friends and colleagues.

They asked themselves: could crowdsourcing be used to make funds available in a way specifically suited to the needs of creative people? Could they build a user-friendly tool allowing creators to secure pledges against offered rewards, thereby making resources available to creators during the critical production and development phases?

Driven by their own knowledge of startups and crowdsourcing for social enterprise and community development, they developed a model flexible enough for all kinds of endeavours, with few of the time and complexity issues of traditional funding models.

How does it work?

Pozible provides the platform for project creators to present their ideas to a connected audience, worldwide. If people love what you’re creating, they can support it by pledging money.

In return, project creators offer rewards matched to the level of funding commitment.

Pozible can also be a gateway for discovering and supporting inspirational projects and thinkers directly. By becoming actively involved in bringing more attention to bold new ideas, art, products and the talented people who conceive them, project supporters become a vital part of a true creative community.