Demitra Alexandria ~ Actor / Harumi

Demitra Alexandria is a young, vibrant & multi-lingual actress, producer, writer, dramaturge and theatre maker who has been an active presence in the industry since 2011.
Demitra graduated with a B.A. of Performance from A.I.M. Dramatic Arts (formerly known as AADA) in 2013 & has since continued her training with Playwriting Australia, A.C.A., The Bell Shakespeare Company & with the Suzuki Method. She has extensive training and skills both on and off the stage & screen. Dabbling in and loving all the aspects in a production both seen and unseen.

Recently, Demitra has been involved in various theatrical and film productions such as; Jason Langley’s Australian premier of Chekhov in Hell, Andrew Davidson’s Playhouse Creatures, Ross Page’s feature film Blind Justice and Hayley Flinn’s Wraith Woods with Aussie film star Mark Lee.

Demitra also has many years experience in charity, promotional & children’s entertainment making her a perfect fit for the AKIO: Next Level Team.

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