Chanelle Freeland ~ Actor / Rin /Jorogumo

Chanelle Freeland has recently returned to Sydney after her third contract touring the world on a luxurious 6 star Cruise Ship, where she worked as a professional dancer.

Chanelle has been involved in the industry for the past 7 years, previously as a member of ‘Dargie Entertainment’ Production Company. She has performed at multiple events in and around the state, working amongst the likes of Kelly Rowland and performing at Events such as Sydney Festival and Short + Sweet Dance.

As well as her extensive Dance experience, Chanelle is also an aspiring Presenter & Actor, having worked on a Feature Film (‘Goodnight Gloria’) whilst living and working in London. She is also a Presenter for the up & coming series PROM TV.

Alongside her professional credits, Chanelle has taught Dance, Drama & Musical Theatre for the past 8 years at multiple studios around Sydney. Chanelle is very excited to be a part of Akio!

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