Mariya Tkachenko ~ Assistant Set Designer

Mariya recently graduated with a Bachelor of Performance from the Australian Institute of Music, Dramatic Arts, (formerly AADA) and has had experience in many areas of theatre making, most particularly in acting, writing and set design.
Her most reason design credits include set designer for the short play she also wrote, It Was All Too Much For Her, and co-set designer for the Australian premiere of the production of Her Naked Skin in which she also acted in the role of Eve Douglas. Mariya has also had production roles in Sport for Jove’s most recent Outdoor Summer Festival Season, assisting both the designers of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Crucible, as well as other productions at AIM including Aftershocks, Three Trials of Azdak, Akio! and Playhouse Creatures. Her other AIM acting credits include roles in Hank, It Was All Too Much For Her, Elektra, Embers and Lock and Key.

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